Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leave A Little Extra!

Leave a little extra any time
you go out to dinner or anywhere
else you would normally
leave a tip!
Add a Scripture!
The effect will be much better
with a nice hefty tip!
And I'm sure you could probably
find little scripture pre-written
onto little pieces of paper
for daily encouragement if you
went to Mardel's - but since I
live in a town with no Mardel's,
I made my own. 
If you'd like to download FREEprintables
follow this link:

Idea submitted by Bambi Rogers.
Thank you, Bambi!


  1. Yes, Madels have little slips of scripture...a very nice suggestion
    I ordered 2 of the Little Lost Lamb and they were delivered today. One for each little great-grandboy. One is a yr old and the other 3 months...this book is so sweet and I am thrilled to add to their little library this early. I will put them up until Christmas.
    Thanks so much for letting me know about them.....xoxo