Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another MUST READ Children's Book!

Here is another MUST READ
Children's Book!
If I were to rate this book
on a scale of one to ten,
I'd have to give it a 12.
It deserves "extra credit" because
it really connects with 
children and makes them
feel as if they, too, can be strong
when they depend on Jesus!

is about a donkey who was laughed
at. He was considered worthless
because he was too weak
to carry a rider. He never thought
he would amount to anything.
And then one magnificent day,
he was sold. He thought it was a mistake.
NO ONE wanted HIM!
But then - he learned to depend on
the power of Jesus and he was
used to carry Jesus into town,
where the crowd waved palms
and cheered. 
And we can all do great things,
if we will just trust in Jesus
and do as He says. 

This is a MUST READ! You can purchase
it here:

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