Sunday, March 1, 2015


Easter will be here soon.
And, while Easter is a glorious time,
it is also a time that is becoming
taken over by the world.
If we watch the sale bills that
accompany our newspapers
we will think it's about
Easter Eggs, Candy,
Pretty Clothes, Shoes and
But really..... that is not
what Easter is about!
I am no religious theologian. 
And I still have a lot to learn when
it comes to the Bible.
But - I do know enough to
realize that our world today is 
missing out on many 
Biblical truths.
Let's try to do better.
Let's try to teach our children 
the REAL meaning of Easter.
Let's give them a foundation that 
will help prepare them for
what is to come.
Whatever that is!
With the steady decline of 
spiritual morality
our world is facing, our
children and our children's children
are going to need all the 
help they can get.
If you give them ANYTHING
this Easter..... Give them knowledge.
Plant little seeds of faith in their
precious little hearts.

"Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing
by the word of God." 
Romans 10:17

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