Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jelly Bean Prayer Jars

These little Jelly Bean Jars
are fun to make and can
be used to teach children 
the gospel. And - they're 
super cute!
Just layer the jelly beans in
the jar, decorate a lid and
tie on a little tag!
Kids LOVE making them!
And - it's a great conversation
starter. Every child should be
taught about God's
wonderful plan of salvation!
 Black is for our sin
All the wrong things that we've done!
Red is for the blood of Jesus,
He shed for everyone!
White is for a heart so clean,
Washed as white as snow.
Gold is for the streets of Heaven,
How lovely they glow!
Green is for Growing,
Hide His Word in your heart.

Put your trust in Jesus, God's son,
Give your life a brand new start!

Here is a printable tag you can use
to decorate yours!

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