Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teach Your Little Ones to Pray

Easter is a time to reflect
on all that Christ did for us.
It's a time to remind ourselves
how costly our salvation is.
It is a time to pray.
To give thanks.
To renew our spirits and 
commune with God.
We can help our children do this
by praying with them and
by teaching them to
pray themselves.
Allow them to say grace
at mealtimes and encourage them
to say their prayers before
going to sleep each night.
And - pray for them when they
are sick, or hurt and needing 
healing. And ask God for His help 
when searching for a 
lost toy or special belonging
that has been misplaced.
Here is an excellent book 
about a child's prayer. Reading 
books about prayer and praying 
with your children about
everyday things makes communicating
with God much more natural.
And shouldn't it be the most natural
thing in the world to do to take 
our cares and concerns to God?
by Anthony DeStefano.

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