Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Whose Child Are You?

Easter is about God's Gift
Eternal Life
Whose Child Are You

Not too long ago, I took a trip to Texas to return two of my grand daughters to their parents. To break up the drive, I planned a few stops. The first stop, was Chuck E. Cheese's. Both girls love to go to the Chuck E. Cheese's in Wichita Falls and it would provide a nice bathroom break, lunch break and it would give us a chance to stretch our legs and work off any energy our bodies stored by being cooped up in the car.

Once we arrived we ordered our lunch and began to play games while we waited on our food. I've learned that our tokens last longer if I give the girls a few at a time, so I followed them around, handing them tokens as needed. As the girls enjoyed a game of skeet ball another little girl came up to me and asked for tokens. Having a heart for children, I handed her a few and off she went to play games. Then I joined Grace and Olivia in a skeet ball game and watched carefully as Grace tried to teach me how to get my ball in the 5,000 point hole. When my game was over, the other little girl was standing beside me wanting more tokens. I looked around, and didn't see her parents, so I gave her two more. By then our food was ready - so we sat down to eat.
And - as we were eating the little girl came back - wanting even more tokens. This time, I told her she needed to go get tokens from her own Mom or Grandma - because these tokens were for my grand  children!

Now - I am not one to be selfish, especially when it comes to children. But - this child was not MINE! I answered her request a time or two, but it is not my responsibility to meet her needs. She is not my child. She is not my grand child. I don't even KNOW her! We have absolutely no relationship.

This event got me to thinking. How often do people try to use God the way this little girl tried to use me? I wonder if He ever feels as if people expect Him to be some sort of Santa Claus in the sky? It seems as if people are focused on themselves more now than any time in history. Some even act like God was created for their benefit, when the fact of the matter is, we were all created for Him. We weren't created to live life for ourselves, but for His pleasure.

Yet - when we selfishly ask for things, God often gives in and grants us our request. He'll hand us a few tokens! And when we come back for more, He may even give us that. He is constantly displaying His goodness! But we can't expect to keep coming back and continue to have our prayers answered without becoming His child! The Bible is full of promises. But - those promises are not for everybody. They are meant for those who God can truly call His own. His children. Those who have accepted His grace and been given the most important gift of all. The gift of His son, Jesus. Salvation. Eternal Life.

When you become His - His promises are yours!

It's simple, really.

Give your life to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior and become a child of God. Give your life to God. Obey Him. Inherit His promises and eternal life. Or - take your request to your own Daddy.

You see. If you are not God's child, you have no relationship with Him. So, asking Him for things is kind of like that little girl at Chuck E. Cheese asking me for tokens.

Yes, God is good. And yes, He has the means to supply all of your needs according to His riches and glory. And He will. IF - you first become His child!

Need help giving your life to Christ? Feel free to call me or any of your truly saved, Bible believing friends or follow this link if you'd like to pray privately.

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