Friday, April 24, 2015

The Prayer Chain - A MUST READ Children's Book

I picked this book up this morning
at a yard sale in my neighborhood.
The moment I read it, 
I knew I had to share.
It's about a little girl whose Mother
belong to a prayer chain.
When she gets called to pray,
she calls the next person on the chain
and then goes to pray.
When a prayer is answered, she gets
a call, and calls the next person
as well. But - her daughter also,
writes each answered prayer 
on a slip of paper and puts it 
into a jar. At Christmas
time they are out of wood, their
house is cold and her Mother is
praying for the needs of others.
It snows - and the girl prays for wood
because she knows it's going to
be unbearably cold if they don't get 
some soon. When she wakes up
Christmas morning and looks
out at the freshly fallen snow, she sees
a stack of wood and a slip of paper
around the door knob that says, 
'God Bless You'
She then, gets an idea and uses this 
strip of paper and all of the strips of paper
in the prayer chain jar to make a 
prayer chain to decorate their
Christmas tree. 
 To make a prayer chain for your own
Christmas tree - you might want to
start a jar of answered prayers now.

And - this book is out of print,
but there are a few on Amazon
that are reasonably priced.
And there are a few very expensive
ones on eBay!
I paid a dollar for mine and it looks
like I got a REALLY good deal!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Wish You Could Change The World?

Have you ever wished you could
just change the world?
You look out at God's beautiful 
creation and you see sin everywhere.
It seems that people
seem to think that
their life is their own to live
as they please, and the boundaries
between right and wrong are
becoming non-existant
in their eyes.
I feel that way a lot. But - I am at peace
with it all for the moment. 
There is little I can do to change
things, anyway. 
But - I can pray! I will pray!
And I'd like to encourage each 
of you to pray, also.
Then - we can be at peace knowing
that changing the world
is a task that God alone is able
to handle. He can and He will accomplish
what He desires to accomplish.
It's so peaceful coming to that
realization. We don't have to worry 
about the world we live in. We just 
have to follow God, each and every day,
and do the simple little tasks
He gives us. We may change SOMETHING,
but changing the world will
be up to Him!

It is time for thee, LORD, to work:
for they have made void thy law.
Psalm 119:126 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Take some time to reflect
on the true meaning of
this Holy Day!
And thank God for His
very special gift!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Wonderful Easter Storybook for Kids

book. It explains 
forgiveness in such a 
nice way. 
It's a story about a 
little boy who lied and told
his Mom he got a gold
star on his spelling test -
when he actually did rather poorly
and got several red x's.
His parents found out and 
they forgave him. He repented and
God forgave him, but he
still carried around guilt.
Then his Mom has him make
a Sparkle Egg. He decorates
it beautifully and she gives him 
a slip of paper and tells him
to draw something on it
that he feels bad about.
He draws a gold star to represent
the lie he told and they 
place it inside the egg.
He puts the egg on the mantle
and on Easter morning
it is inside his basket with his
other Easter surprises,
but when he opens it, he finds
it empty. 
The egg is empty because 
the sin represented on
the piece of paper is
forgiven and gone.
And the tomb of Jesus is empty
and our sins are 
forgiven and gone
when we accept God's forgiveness
and give out lives to Christ.
And when we accept God's forgiveness
we need to let go of our feelings
of guilt and shame.
When we hold on to those 
feelings we cannot fully
shine for Christ. 

This was such a good, good book!
After reading it to Grace she made a
Sparkle Egg!
She put pictures of Momma's
shampoo bottle, soap, and 
Daddy's toothbrush on it.
All of which she had tampered 
with in the previous 24 hours.
I do hope Momma and Daddy
can be as forgiving
as Jesus. That girl wasted Momma's
shampoo and soap and scrubbed
the counter with Daddy's toothbrush
and made it taste mighty yucky!
At the time - it was not funny
at all, but I'm sure it will make
a great story for her to someday
tell when her children ask her to
tell them a story about
when she was a kid! 
Here is the book on Amazon:

It may have been a few dollars less
at Mardel, where I purchased mine,
but really... it's worth every penny!
Christian values are often taught 
with good Christian books!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stand Up For Jesus!

Stand Up For Jesus!
I saw these people as I was 
running errands and 
I made a quick u-turn to 
go back and take this picture.
I took the picture with my
phone from a stop light.
The quality of the photo is 
lacking, but I love the content!
Just look at the SMILES
radiating from those faces!
What a blessing it is to see
people standing up for Jesus!
And what a blessing it is to
see that they appear 
happy and blessed.
How can YOU proclaim
the name of CHRIST today?
How can YOU show His love?
WHO can YOU touch?
WHO can YOU reach?
Ask God to show you ways
YOU can stand up for HIM!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

FREE Bible Study Guide

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FREE Easter Bookmark Printables

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