Friday, April 24, 2015

The Prayer Chain - A MUST READ Children's Book

I picked this book up this morning
at a yard sale in my neighborhood.
The moment I read it, 
I knew I had to share.
It's about a little girl whose Mother
belong to a prayer chain.
When she gets called to pray,
she calls the next person on the chain
and then goes to pray.
When a prayer is answered, she gets
a call, and calls the next person
as well. But - her daughter also,
writes each answered prayer 
on a slip of paper and puts it 
into a jar. At Christmas
time they are out of wood, their
house is cold and her Mother is
praying for the needs of others.
It snows - and the girl prays for wood
because she knows it's going to
be unbearably cold if they don't get 
some soon. When she wakes up
Christmas morning and looks
out at the freshly fallen snow, she sees
a stack of wood and a slip of paper
around the door knob that says, 
'God Bless You'
She then, gets an idea and uses this 
strip of paper and all of the strips of paper
in the prayer chain jar to make a 
prayer chain to decorate their
Christmas tree. 
 To make a prayer chain for your own
Christmas tree - you might want to
start a jar of answered prayers now.

And - this book is out of print,
but there are a few on Amazon
that are reasonably priced.
And there are a few very expensive
ones on eBay!
I paid a dollar for mine and it looks
like I got a REALLY good deal!


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