Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Wish You Could Change The World?

Have you ever wished you could
just change the world?
You look out at God's beautiful 
creation and you see sin everywhere.
It seems that people
seem to think that
their life is their own to live
as they please, and the boundaries
between right and wrong are
becoming non-existant
in their eyes.
I feel that way a lot. But - I am at peace
with it all for the moment. 
There is little I can do to change
things, anyway. 
But - I can pray! I will pray!
And I'd like to encourage each 
of you to pray, also.
Then - we can be at peace knowing
that changing the world
is a task that God alone is able
to handle. He can and He will accomplish
what He desires to accomplish.
It's so peaceful coming to that
realization. We don't have to worry 
about the world we live in. We just 
have to follow God, each and every day,
and do the simple little tasks
He gives us. We may change SOMETHING,
but changing the world will
be up to Him!

It is time for thee, LORD, to work:
for they have made void thy law.
Psalm 119:126 

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