Sunday, March 22, 2015

Make A Prayer Jar

Make a Prayer Jar
There are so many ways
you could use this!
Just find a pretty jar...
Decorate with Ribbon...
And insert names of people
you would like to pray for.
Draw a name out of the 
jar each morning and pray for
that person through out the day.

If you're doing this with kids
they could make a
"Thinking of You"
card and send it to the person
they are praying for 
each day.

If you're doing this alone,
you could do something nice,
or say something nice to 
the person you are praying 
for each day.

You could send an e-mail
or a card, or even a facebook message.

Just remember to lift the person
up to God through out the day!

Idea submitted by Bambi Rogers!
Thank you, Bambi! 

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