Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unwrapping The Greatest Gift

I ordered this book and 
it came nicely packaged and shrink
I unwrapped it, carefully,
and admired it's beautiful cover.
I opened it, carefully again,
and looked at it's beautiful 
I immediately loved it,
but once I dove in and actually
READ it, I loved it even more.
 This is a beautifully written
and beautifully illustrated advent book.
There are daily readings from
December 1st - December 25th.
As you read the book each day, 
you put an ornament on your Jesse Tree.
The Jesse Tree, 
is kind of half Christmas Tree
and half Family Tree.
The book and tree explain to 
children their lineage in their 
forever family of God. 
(you may just have to read it for that to make sense)
For your Jesse Tree, you can use 
just about anything from a 
construction paper cut out to a small,
live tree in a clay pot.
 Inside of Book
There are Ornaments that correspond
with each day's reading.
You can purchase ornaments,
or go to the Ann Voskamp's website
and print them for FREE,
using the PROMO code in the book.
Inside of Book
This book makes the Gospel
of Jesus Christ and the Reason
for Christmas so clear.
I would love for every family 
in the world to have it
and to participate in these 
daily devotions!
 Printable Ornaments
A child who celebrates advent 
in this way, will know
the TRUE meaning of Christmas.
And - the gift of the Christ
child, is an everlasting gift. 

I love this book so much,
I want to give one away!
So - share this page,
and let me know you shared it
and you will be entered into a
give away!

We will draw for this prize on
That leaves everyone who doesn't 
win enough time to go out
and purchase their own 
copy before December 1st. 

To purchase the book,

Disclaimer: My comments on this book are my opinions. I am not 
being paid or compensated in any way. I'm just sharing my
own feelings. This is truly a book every family should own.

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  1. What a pretty book. I know your grands will enjoy it.