Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Give the Gospel

When preparing gifts this season,
consider a gift that shares the gospel.
This movie is a great choice!
I watched it myself, and then took
it to Texas to watch with Grace and Olivia.
It's a great family movie.
They liked it, and wanted to share
it with their Daddy, so we
watched it again.
Olivia, who is three, lost interest 
the second time around, but Grace,
who is 5 loved seeing it twice.
I watched this movie
three times in one week and 
enjoyed it each and every time.
It's not a CHRISTmas movie,
but most people enjoy CHRISTmas
movies before CHRISTmas
and if you're giving it as a gift,
it will be watched after
And while I find a lot of 
Christian movies a bit boring
this one was not!
Check it out. It's inexpensive
and will be a gift that keeps on 
giving, as many will find it
to be a great witnessing tool.

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