Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrate Advent

In our family we like
to celebrate advent.
When my children were young,
they recieved an Advent Calendar
from their grand parents.
 Now - our grand children
receive an Advent Calendar
from their grand parents - US!
 Only - we get Nativity Advent 
Calendars like these!
(Excuse the price tags. They won't peel off 
the shrink wrap and I didn't want to
open a grand child's gift)
 This is another design. I like to get a
mixture of designs so siblings
don't get the same calendar.
And the thing I like about these calendars
MOST,  is that each day,
along with their chocolate,
there is a special Bible text that
tells the story of our Savior's birth.

I got these at Hobby Lobby.
But - I've seen them at Hallmark, too. 
 We pass these out to our
grand children when they come
for Thanksgiving.
That way, they have it in plenty
of time to begin opening
the windows on December 1st.

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