Sunday, November 23, 2014

Try The Missionary Diet!

One way to keep Christ
in focus is to share the love
He has placed within your
heart with others.
And one way we can do that
is by being conscientious
about our own spending.
In the U.S. the majority of
people are over weight.
We eat too much, simply because
we have been abundantly blessed
and we have food.
In other counties there are people 
going hungry.
AND - while I know we cannot
save the world - or rid the world
of hunger, we can make 
a difference. It may not be a
big difference, but if one child
goes to bed fed, rather than
hungry.... it's a big difference
to that one child.
So - try this:

To go on a missionary diet - get a jar.
Then - find a mission that you would
like to support. Pray about this. 
God will lead you to the right one.
 Then - when making food choices think 
of ways to cut back.
One example is when ordering lunch,
instead of ordering a
Hamburger, fries and a drink,
cut out the fries and put the money 
you would have spent in your
missionary jar.
 When stopping for tacos,
get one taco instead of two and
put $1.00 in your jar.
Fix a cup of coffee at home
instead of stopping at Starbuck's
and put a few dollars in the jar.
Over a period of time,
it will add up - and if you're cutting
some things out of your diet,
you should lose a few pounds.
If not - the diet is still 
successful because some little 
child, somewhere gets something 
to eat.

Some of the missions
I like are:

(NVM is the group Lawton Missionaries Cathi & Gami Ortiz work with) 

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