Thursday, December 3, 2015

Have A Special Chilren's Nativity

Set out a Children's Nativity!
I just love this one by
Fisher Price.
  I keep it on the coffee table in our
tea room - which is where we
often sit to read
books to the grandchildren.
The toddlers can play with the
Nativity as we read the 
Christmas Story.
I think it's important to have
a "hands on" Jesus
that the kids can actually
play with.
After all, our Savior
is accessible. We can reach out
to Him at any time...
day or night!
I want my little ones to grow
up knowing that!


  1. How cute this is...when our grands were little, I let them play with one set we had...the other was up high, out of little hands reach..:)

  2. Here I am, back in 2015..LOL
    My DIL has a large FP Nativity that she put on her ottoman...when the 2 yr old came in, he went straight to it and sat right in the middle of it....don't know what he thought it was...LOL