Friday, December 11, 2015

Make a Nativity Puppet Theater with You Little One!

Look at this adorable little
Nativity Puppet Theater.
It is made from a cereal box and 
pictures printed on card stock.
Your children can color the 
the little puppet people
while you assemble the box.
Then - you cut out the people and 
put the puppets together with 
little scrapbook brads and tape them
to sis-kabob skewers to create
little puppets.
 It's fun to watch them put on their
own puppet show and see just what
they know about the CHRISTmas Story!
 Our sweet Brilyn knows a lot.
She told me all about Mary
wrapping up Baby Jesus and putting
him in the manger.
She never mentioned Joseph!
So, I asked her,
"Brilyn, who was Jesus' Daddy?"
To which she told me,
"It's God, silly. Don't you know that?"

Sometimes we look so hard at
the natural that we overlook the super natural.
I love the way kids remind us of
what's really important!

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