Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Make a Gingerbread Nativity

Where the tradition of a
Gingerbread House
came from, I have no idea.
But - I know the kids always
enjoy making one.
 But - how about making a 
 I made this one with graham crackers
for the stable and cookies
from a Nativity Cookie Cutter
set I found on Amazon.
 Someone with some talent could
really make it cute!
But - just making it creates an
opportunity to talk to your
children about the REAL 
meaning of CHRISTmas!

The more ways we find to include
CHRIST in our celebrations
the more our children will come
to understand that
CHRISTmas is indeed the season
in which GOD Himself
came down to a manger in the 
form of the CHRIST Child
to become the most
Amazing Gift Ever!

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