Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The CHRISTmas Season is here......

The CHRISTmas Season is here...
and it is AMAZING
BUT - there is so much to do!
So as you go about this
season, here are some things 
to think about.
Company is coming and you 
have to clean.... so, be THANKFUL!
Because you have a home
and a kitchen to clean.
 Many people don't!

And oh, those bathrooms.
They've got to to be scrubbed.
But, you can be thankful for that, too, 
because you have a bathroom.
Many people don't!
There are linens to change
and rooms to prepare.
Be thankful for that, because there
are others who live in despair. 

 And when CHRISTmas finally comes
and the presents are all
unwrapped...... and you get stuck
with the dishes AGAIN!
Remember how blessed you
are to live where you do 
and to have a sink
to wash them in!
And as you THANK THE LORD,
for all He has given,
remember those who have less.
Pray for those who are 
reaching out to give what they
can to bless.
I "borrowed" these pictures from 
a friend's facebook page. 
He and his wife reach out to people
who are destitute. 
They've already done their fund raising,
and passed out blankets and shoes
and other needed items to the poor.
But.... the poor are always with us.
There is always a need.
If you'd like to reach out and provide 
some relief to someone
who has practically nothing, I really
believe that what you send to this
organization reaches the people
you intend to help. 

You can help HERE!


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