Thursday, December 10, 2015

Read the CHRISTmas Story!

I've heard 
three year old's recite
The Night Before Christmas.
And while, I'm glad that someone
has taken the time to read to
them, a part of me is grieved.
Because - that same 
three year old
doesn't always have a concept
of who Jesus is
and WHY we celebrate
Read the REAL CHRISTmas Story!
There are so many illustrated versions.
Read Luke 2 straight from the Bible.
Read a version with full
color illustrations and let the
children look at the pictures.
Talk about JESUS!
Let your children and grand children
know that you, yourself love
Jesus and that you are so
grateful God sent HIM to 
save you!
Kids get it!
They really do!
And CHRISTmas means so much
more when you know WHY
you're celebrating! 

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