Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Decline of CHRISTmas!

Are you old enough to remember
what CHRISTmas used to be?
Do you remember schools, towns
and businesses all focused on CHRIST?
 Do you remember seeing
a CHRISTmas Pageant
with a Manger Scene and a Mary
and Joseph and Shepherds
and Angels and all the works.

Years ago - that CHRISTmas Pageant
took place in almost every
Elementary School. 
 There were no computers, smart boards
or copy machines.....
But there was JESUS!

Now - there are computers, smart boards,
copy machines an even
central heat and air. But there are also
locks on the door..... and fear in the
hearts of the innocent children inside.

This is not progress.
This is a major decline. 

A teacher messaged me the following 
items from an old CHRISTmas folder.

Can you imagine the progress 
we could make if we could
just turn our schools back over to God?
These items came from
TEACHER'S Publications!
I think it's interesting to see what
was once not only allowed,
but WELCOME in the
public schools.

As CHRISTians, we need to fight
for our right to free speech and
speak out for Jesus!
The right to do so is in danger,
and remaining quiet is only
going to make matters worse.

This year - if you have kids in school,
consider passing out classroom treats
the represent CHRIST.
Do this again when it's time to
pass out Valentine's!
It's your right!
And it's worth fighting for!

from Teacher's Tips!
Merry Christmas, Everyone
Do You Know God's Loving Son
published in Teacher's Tips 
 Various Christmas Poems
and Songs
published in Good Apple
(a magazine style book for Teacher's)
 God's Special Gifts of Love
published in Good Apple - for Teachers
AND - God's name was even mentioned 
in the head line.  
 And look at this cute little craft.
I can remember making things like this,
and paper chains, and snow flakes
and things for a classroom tree.
THIS is what CHRISTmas used to
be in the public schools.
THIS is what CHRISTmas should
still be in public schools.

Look for opportunities to
To schools, to government, to EVERYTHING!


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  1. I agree with everything here. Did you read the link I sent you ? It made so much sense to me.