Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Week Before Christmas

The Week Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas and throughout the town,
All the smiles of good cheer were turned upside down.

The stockings weren't hung yet, the tree partially trimmed,
The shopping, the wrapping, a dress to be hemmed.

The children still added new things to their lists,
Not wanting a single desire to be missed.

And Mom with a head cold, and Dad with a cough,
Still went off to work, for finances were rough.

Parties to go to, their own to be planned.
Daughter's recital, and Son's got jazz band.

No joy to their world, no peace to their earth,
They knew not, nor cared about Jesus' birth.

They knew they weren't happy, they knew things weren't right,
They felt trapped and caught with no way out in sight.

Let's give church a try, they finally agreed,
Who knows, they might have something we may really need.

'Twas the eve of Christmas, all the candles aglow,
The music was playing as they found the last row.

The others are smiling, their eyes shine with love,
The pastor is telling of a child from above.

"I remember this story, I heard it as a child,
As I's sit on Grandma's knee, and she'd rock and she's smile.

But I never knew, it was for ME that HE came,
I know I'm not worthy, but He cares just the same"

Dad left church that night with a lot less despair,
And Mom really felt there was One who cared.

They had hope, for the moment, and peace was in sight,
On one thing they agreed, it had been a good night!

Written by Marti Mumma
Submitted by Debbie Thompson

Note: If you are stressed out this CHRISTmas and can't seem to
find peace, call out to Jesus! 
Pray.... Read your Bible.... Seek His presence!
You can do it right where you are.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13

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  1. Nice poem...:)
    We are all so excited about Christmas being almost here. Our whole family gathers at our house on Christmas Eve..we have a delightful gifts and it's the stockings that are the main fun that night. We all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, say our thankful prayers and enjoy the warmth of being with those we love...just the way God wants us to.