Friday, December 12, 2014

So - What If You're Not Crafty?

Would you like a treat to
pass out - that shares the REAL
meaning of CHRISTmas?
Something SPECIAL!
But - you either aren't very crafty,
or you just have limited time!
My sweet neighbor saw them somewhere
and she bought me some!
(thank you, thank you, thank you, Brittany)
I was thrilled to get them!
It's the Candy Cane story that's
been mentioned so much,
in a little stocking with a bookmark.
And it's SUPER CUTE!
But - if you'd rather get something
else, the company that makes this,
makes so many other things, too!
Just go to their website and look around! 
I placed an order yesterday and I can't
wait to get it. 

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