Monday, December 22, 2014

Shop At CHRISTian Store for Bible Based Toys and Activities

When you're doing your
CHRISTmas Shopping,
Be sure to include CHRISTian 
Store such as Mardel's.
They almost always have
CHRISTian toys and games
and activites that help keep
your child focused on CHRIST!
Just look at this adorable
puzzle set!
It includes 6 puzzles and it was
only $5.00.
It's actually 3 two-sided puzzles
that are sturdy and well made.
And they tell the CHRISTmas 
story in pictures,
giving you a way of 
opening conversation with your 
child as you assemble the puzzles
 The first puzzle is very easy
and it get progressively harder.
But look - there is the angel
coming to Mary to tell her
she has found favor with God
and will soon bear His son!
 And on the other side - with a different
color of border - there is Mary and Joseph
making their journey to Bethlehem.
 And here they are being turned away 
at the inn. Children often don't know
what an in is - but are familiar with
a hotel. What would you do if you were 
on a trip and there were no
hotel rooms available?
 Here the angels give the shepherds
a heads up - so they can 
make their way to the stable.
 Brilyn is really good at puzzles.
Or at least, the easy puzzles.
She had to have a little more
help with the harder ones.
 And here is the king telling his
men to go find the baby.
 And finally - we have the manger scene!
This story is THE STORY
children should most associate
with CHRISTmas!
Tell it..... look for different ways
to tell it... but make it real
to your little ones!

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