Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Use Every Opportunity You Have To Share God's Love

We should use every opportunity
we can to share God's love!
Look for opportunities!
I just love how 
is making it easy to share
God's word!
 It's a little late for ordering
this for CHRISTmas!
 But - they have similar
items for Valentine's Day,
Easter..... and just every day!
 And they're very affordable!
 I just love the idea of planting
a little seed when handing out a treat!
If there is anything our world 
needs right now, it is most 
definately JESUS!
Without Him, we have no hope!
Without Him, others have no hope!
Without Him, salvation is impossible!
So - if you have an opportunity
to share His love with
someone - do it!
Shine His light into the
darkness of this world.

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