Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Testament Bibles & Bible Covers Instructions

I saw these sweet little
New Testament Bibles
and bought a few.
Then, I came up with the idea 
that they would make 
nice little
American Girl Doll Bibles!
 So - I made cute little
covers for them.
 I cut a strip of material just 
wider than the Bible
and hemmed the ends.
 Then I wrapped the fabric around
the Bible like this....
and slid the Bible out.
 Then I added double folded bias
tape to the ends and sewed it on
and slipped it over the cover 
of the Bible.
 And tied some remaining bias 
tape around the front
to make a bow.
They turned out so cute,
I kept making them.
I think they would make great 
little purse Bibles, so I may 
use them for stocking stuffers for 
the grown up girls, too.

And - they were super inexpensive.
I spend $1.00 each on the Bibles
and $7 and some change at Hobby Lobby
for sewing supplies.
I made 14 Bibles, so my approxamate
cost was only $1.43 each.

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