Friday, July 10, 2015

A Missionary is Coming.....

Our sweet Gracie wants
to be a missionary!
She is always thinking of ways
to share with others. 
From putting together
Christmas Gift Bags 
for the Homeless to 
writing Bible verses on the
sidewalks with sidewalk chalk,
our Gracie has it in her 
heart to spread the gospel.
And - she's coming to
my house TONIGHT!
She had her Momma call 
yesterday to let me know
she wants to do a balloon release.
She wanted me to prepare
verses to tie onto balloons
to release into the sky
to go where ever God sends them.
 So here they are!
Our little ones don't have to
wait to be missionaries.
They don't have to grow up first.
They can be missionaries 
right where they are by just 
spreading God's love and 
God's word.
AMERICA needs missionaries
as bad as anyone!
So - if your children would 
like to do their own
balloon send off, you may
click HERE to download these
free printables.

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